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Petroleum Sorbent Double Boom T-280

Product Code: T-280

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●For use in oil-only Sorbent applications.

●Scrim encased tube of particulate Sorbent material is secured by netting.

●Built in attachment clips are provided at each end of the boom, allowing booms to be linked together.

●Unique double-cylinder design maximizes absorption  minimizes the escape of traces of oil in flowing water.

●UV resistant; will not deteriorate  disintegrate.

●Recommended for use in ditches, streams, rivers, lakes,  terminal docks  piers.

●This petroleum sorbent boom is a double boom 10 feet long with two 4 inches scrim encased tubes of particulate sorbent material secured by a UV resistant netting.

●Built-in attachment clips are provided at each end of the boom allowing the booms to be linked together, overlapping  preventing seepage between segments.