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H950&H950V KN 95 Flatfold Mask

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品牌: honeywell

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H950&H950V series flatfold mask is specially designed for Chinese people. It is popular in construction, mining, mechanical industrial, auto-manufacturing, medicine, electric etc., Almost all the industrial.


● Filtering material: high efficiency with low resistance, use in environments without oil based particulate. Filtering efficiency >95%, actually 98%.

● Enhanced vein : smile symbol showed when unfolded, pretty design.

● Brim: special ” H” type brim, security design.

● Nose piece: plastic combined mental material, high strength, bending resistance is superior than mental nose piece.

● Nose pads: imported seal material, high adaptation, low pressure on nose,soft  comfortable.

● Bands: knitted bands, flexible elastic, low pressure on head, comfortable for long time wear.

● Exhalation valve: H type patented shape, better breathability.

● Printing: Inkjet technology ,safer food grade ink.

● Activated charcoal filter material: imported activate material, high absorbance, to remove smell.

● Fitness: 97% of Chinese people can fit perfectly.

● Meet GB 2626-2006, KN95 grade

● Type: head band type,ear band type, no valve, with valve, activate charcoal type for option.