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Uvex i-3 Glasses

Product Code: 9190-885

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  • ¥140.9
品牌: Uvex

By Geek industrial supermarket from内蒙古包头市 ,we provide after-sales service.

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Uvex permanent lens coating technology

● Anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens, scratch-resistant on the outside

● Prolonged product life

Variable side arm inclination

● Allows the wearer to achieve an individual secure fit

Side arm flex zone

● The flexible side arm allows the spectacle to adapt to any head width - fitting narrow

wider faces equally well

Soft flex temple ends

● The Softflex ear pieces firmly grip the side of the head

Soft adjustable nose bridge pads

● Width of nose bridge can be adjusted to the wearer

● Extremely soft nose loops ensure non-slip grip comfortable fitting

100% metal free

● Reduced spectacle weight

● No metal screws to work loose under pressure

● ESD compliant

Industry Sector Examples:

● Engineering

● Construction industry

● Food manufacturing

● Utilities

● Agriculture forestry

● Assembly

● Quarries

● Maintenance

● Oil gas

* The industries listed are for example purposes only a risk assessment is required