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Uvex skyper sx2 Glasses

Product Code: 9197-065

Member price: ¥64.8

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  • ¥64.8
品牌: Uvex

By Geek industrial supermarket from内蒙古包头市 ,we provide after-sales service.

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Panoramic lens

● Excellent ?eld of unobstructed vision

Contoured lens

● Fits all facial shapes including those with narrower faces

Temple length lens angle adjustment

● Enables the wearer to achieve an individual ?t

Permanent Uvex supravision HC/AF lens coating

● Excellent anti-fog performance

● Coating prolongs the life of the product

Permanent Uvex op- tidur NC lens coating

● Easy clean formula

● Prolongs the life of the product

Industry Sector Examples:

● Manufacturing

● Engineering

● Utilities

● Power generation

● Construction

● Oil gas

● Maintenance

● Laboratories

* The industries listed are for example purposes only a risk assessment is required