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FW safety shoes Nubuck Leather

Product Code: FW312

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  • ¥196
品牌: F&W

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  • soft  gentle

  • permeability is good

  • best suitable for boot  comfortable.

    Sole Material

  • Polyurethane sole , better than rubber non-slip soles


  • Germany DESMA secondary injection molding process ,thermoplastic 

  • Low density foaming technology adopts the "active detonation system" of BAYAR Technology Materials Co.,Ltd., which can reduse the weigh of the shoes body , absorb shock, exchange the cushionning performance  pernament elasticity of the sole  resist work fatigue.

  • sole highly wear-resistant, non-slip, oil resistant, light acid ,alkali resistant , soft anfd light.

  • The materials are more than enviromentally friendly  healthy 

  • The inside of the shoes clip material: imported breathable sweat-absorbent clip

  • 604 wide body toe cap , 

  • anti-mite performance index: There should be no crackin the test axis of the (200+4)J protection toe cap. whish is better than (100+2) J protection toe cap 

  • Optional : anti-mite , stab-resistnat , anti-static, oil resistant