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T8500 firefighting industrial use SCBA

Product Code: SCBA2009C

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  • ¥17568
品牌: honeywell

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New concept backboard

● adjustable height for different height users

● ergonomic backboard, evenly distribute weight, effectively alleviate fatigue

● high strength back plate, can withstand 160kg pull

● expandable double bottles

Collapsible bottom

● protect the bottle valve from impact

● new concept base, make the respirator stand on its own  save storage space

● the base can fold down  unload the extraneous matter

Movable shoulder pads

● can adjust the comfort level with human activity

Portable hand

● high strength handle, improve the portability of respirator

● easy to wear respirator

● comfortable to handle   don't cut your hands

Rotary belt

● can rotate with body activity

● keep your respirator weight in your waist  work long hours without fatigue

Full cover

● can expand the ES200 communication amplification system  HS200 head-up display system

● suits Asian face, wear comfortable.Wide vision   higher security

A new pressure-reducing valve

● reserve others save interface

● scalable outfitted with his rescue function

● ensure that the rescuer receives the same amount of air as the rescued

● can expand the RIC/UAC high pressure quick charge system

Alarm around your ear

● one-piece design with medium pressure tube, no hanging

● located on the user's chest, sound above 90 decibels in one meter

Invisible pipe channel

● reasonable distribution of high  medium pressure pipeline to avoid risk of climbing

Can be use with Pano yellow classic mask