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  • Definition of integral:


  • The integral is the shopping award given by the mall to members.

  • The integral corresponds to the price of the commodity, the successful purchase of one dollar of goods can be obtained by one integral.

  • If the shopping amount is not an integer, the corresponding integral is calculated by the integral part;

  • When the integral is obtained, the consumption score is equal to the rank of the member, but the consumption points will be deducted the membership will only accumulate.

  • Effective integration refers to you, validation mailbox, perfecting the personal information, through registration has been completed orders, comments, bask in a single, try uploading pictures reference for integral score with your grades.

  • Access to integration:


  • 1. Effective shopping

  • 1)orders of the mall;The integral corresponds to the price of the commodity, the purchase of one dollar of goods can be obtained by one integral.(the integral is not included in the order freight section)

    2) if the amount of shopping is not an integer, the corresponding integral will be calculated by the integral part;

    3) after the member shopping the effective order is generated, the corresponding integral will automatically be credited to the member account, but the integration status is frozen.When the member completes the order, the integral will be defrosted.

    You can also unfreeze use the frozen points in advance after you confirm receipt of the goods, but the order goods associated with the frozen integral will not be able to return replace the goods.The integral

    Exchange gifts activities related to the site.(see below:)

  • 4) complete online payment for 10 points.

  • 2. Sign in:

  • 1) a successful registered member can obtain 50 points;

    2) 20 credits can be obtained by completing the mailbox verification;

    3) complete the membership information obtain 20 points;

    4) you can get 5 points per day.(capped by 5 points)

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  • 3. Comments on the Posting:


  • 1) the text comment 1 time obtained 10 points;

    2) upload picture comment 1 time to get 30 points;

    3) for the first review of each product ID, an additional 50 points will be added;

    4) each member ID has 1 effective scoring comment for each item purchased

  • Integral status:

  • Freezing: the integral of shopping is frozen before the member has completed the effective shopping. The integral is not available now. The freezing period is 30 days after signing.You can defrost use the frozen integral in advance, but the order goods associated with the frozen integral will not be returned replaced.

  • Cancel: when the order is cancelled, the corresponding shopping freeze points will be deducted.

  • Complete: the frozen integral generated by shopping will be automatically defrosted 30 days after you receive the goods.After you can confirm the delivery of the freeze in the heart of the member points ahead of thawing, included in the member's account of the available points, used to exchange gifts participate in activities, thaw integral cannot apply for the corresponding Commodity Exchange.

  • Integral use: 

  • 1) be equal to the grade point of member upgrade, enjoy member preferential treatment;

    2) can exchange the designated goods cash coupons at the integration mall.

  • How to integrate this shopping mall:

  • 1. The purchase integral, 1 dollar = 1 integral, has a non-integer integral part.

    2. Choose online payment of 10 points.

    3. Successfully registered 50 points.

    4. Complete email verification 20 points.

    5. Improve the personal data 20 points.

    6. Log in 5 points at a time, capping 5 points each day.

    7. Text comment 1 times 10 points.

    8. Upload pictures to review 30 points.

    9. For the first time each product reviews an additional 50 points.

    10. Share 5 points once every day.

    11. Recommend friends' 50 points of consumption (recommended by the recommender when placing an order with a friend of 50 frozen consumption points), when recommended by a good friend, when the purchase bonus points are unfrozen, the recommendation is recommended

    The integral also defrosted.The freezing rule of this shopping mall: the freezing period of each order is the order status.Has been receiving & throughout;After 30 days, the credits can't be returned after thawing

    Replacements.They can be defrosted in advance of the member center, but can not apply for return after defrosting