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Simple shopping process

How to register?

Answer: you can click"member register" to register.Registration is simple you can simply enter some basic information as required by the registration wizard.In order to accurately serve you, please be sure to fill in your actual information during registration. We will keep it a secret.Input account number 4-10, only use English letter, number "-".

How to become a member?

Answer: you can click "member login register" to register directly.Registration is very simple, you only need to according to the system prompt for related information, please fill in the finished, be sure to check the accuracy of the fill in content, keep in mind that your member account password, so that your order query web site to provide more services to you to verify your identity.

How to purchase online, how to operate a process?

A: this way, is very similar to your way to the mall, you as long as according to our merchandise category pages enter "diamonds" "personalization" page indicate the path according to the link to browse.Once you have your favorite merchandise, you can click "put in the shopping basket" button at any time to put it the "shopping basket".Then you can press "go to the cashier".We have a lot of goods, but don't worry, we have a detailed navigation bar on every page. You won't get lost.