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  • How to order goods?


  • You can visit our website first to learn about the goods.To see your satisfactory products, you can order them directly on our website.You can also contact our website's customer service staff for an order.

  • With several manufacturers at home abroad long-term relations of cooperation, as well as a number of entities on the surface of the chain support, this mall brings together a large number of excellent product quality, with the ultra low cut reserve price for delivery to customers.

  • To provide high quality products for consumers, it is the consistent pursuit of li mall to ensure that every product offered to consumers is the best.

  • Brand protection plan


  • All suppliers of this store is total manufacturers authorized agents dealers, all goods sold in for regular stock purchase by real goods, to store the choose buy goods with you to enjoy the same quality assurance.This mall is responsible for the quality of the products sold, found that ten times compensation for the fake goods!

  • Telephone customer service center contact information

  • Telephone service hours: 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m

  • Service hotline: 0472-2639978

  • Business/advertising cooperation


  • Contact email:geek_internet@126.com