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  • 1、 Are all the goods sold in the mall?What about after-sales service? 

  • A: All the products sold in this mall are authentic goods provide invoices free of charge.With the sales voucher of this mall, all products can enjoy after-sale service guarantee. This store will strictly meet the obligation of goods return for goods sold

  • 2、Why does the price of this mall differ so much from the price of physical stores? 


  • A: A product from producer to total agents, wholesalers, size to rent expensive decoration luxury stores, each link layers of price, consumers can only passively accept inflated prices, but this mall is the manufacturer provides straightly.

  • 3、How to purchase the order at this mall? 

  • 答:A: the order is the same as most shopping websites in this mall. If you don't know much about shopping, you can click on Shopping Process

  • 4、What about damage to transportation?


  • A: You don't have to worry about transportation because the goods are damaged lost by transportation.(it may be normal to have a slight collision on the outer packing of the long-distance transportation product, but it will not damage the goods in the packing box. The packing of the mall is famous strong.)

  • 5、What's the freight, please?


  • A: (1) you can click "Distribution Service" "Postage".

       (2) when you click on the commodity purchase, the system will inform you of the concrete freight transportation.

  • 6、How long will it take?


  • A: Usually we have spot goods in our warehouse, every ticket orders can be shippments by express, Orders can be delivered on the same day before 16:30 each day, the normal delivery throughout the country in addition to yunnan, gansu, hainan, Tibet, xinjiang, qinghai, about 1-4 days arrived, COD about 3 to 7 days delivery (Courier door-to-door delivery may telephone contact with you before), you can query to the member center > my orders delivery.

  • 7、What if I am not satisfied with the goods?


  • A: 30 days after you receive goods, if the goods are not satisfied, don't like it, none of them has opened under the premise of use quality problems, you can unconditional refund replacement other goods you satisfied.

  • 8、 Give me the invoice?


  • A: we sell all the goods are free to provide formal invoices, check in at the end when you place an order for invoice, fill in relevant information, we will be in 30 days after you receive the goods (because of return flow, the invoice cannot be issued with goods, give you inconvenience, please forgive) in the form of letters to deliver the invoice to you, if you want to ask for invoice in advance make a phone call, please contact online customer service telephone: 4001-234-567.

  • 9、What are the payment methods of the mall?


  • A: The payment methods we currently support include online payment, bank transfer pay on delivery. See: payment method.

  • 10、What is the freight charge for the return of goods?


  • Answer: (1) the purchase of goods (goods not opened use) within 30 days, due to customer's own back, changing equivalent value of goods, shall be borne by the customer return the goods to the freight the necessary this mall shopping send the freight.The postage is paid via alipay to pay@yourdomain.com the bank transfer to our bank card number.

    (2) buy goods within 30 days due to the problem of the quality of the goods return, by this mall subsidies to customers return the goods freight (has the form of vouchers return) the mall bear again to send the freight.

  • 11、I am a student at school. Can I pay for the school address?


  • A: the school below is not supported by the payment service.But you can choose the money to deliver the goods.