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3M High Capacity BatteryTR-330 , for Versaflo TR-300 PAPR

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The TR-330 is a light weight Lithium Ion battery pack for the 3M VersafloTR-300 PAPR. Under certain conditions, it will provide up to __ hours of operation.

●3M Economy Battery TR-330, for Versaflo TR-300 PAPR,

PAPR Systems, (Powered Air-Purifying Respirators), help to defend against chemical, biological, radiological nuclear (CBRN) agents which is an important safety in protecting yourself against harmful hazards. The National Institute for Occupational Safety Health (NIOSH), in addition to the U.S. Army Soldier Biological Chemical command (SBCCOM) National Institute for Standards Technology (NIST) continue to promote assurance of safety by continuous developments testings which include appropriate standards & procedures for all classes of respirators. Standards development efforts have come up with a CBRN standard for Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) which 3M has focused putting the best technology together to not only create a PAPR system you need, but the insurance you expect. 

3M's Versaflo systems provide the respiratory safety protection you need for any type of environment. Representing an advanced evolution of technology with an increase in excellence in powered air respiratory safety. The 3M Versaflo TR-300 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is simple easy to use in addition to beneficially being versatile for particulate environments. 3M TR-300 PAPR Systems are compact, well-balanced slim in design to provide the respiratory protection needed by many users. TR-300 Series PAPRs are available with a wide range of headgear such as lightweight hoods to industrial helmets that can provide head, eye face protection.

●Style: 3M Economy Battery TR-330, for Versaflo TR-300 PAPR

●This Economy Battery is a lightweight Lithium Ion battery for use with the Versaflo PAPR System. Battery is fully charged in 3 hours has a lifespan of 5-6 hours.

5-6 hour battery life

3 hour charging time

For use with Versaflo PAPR Systems

Flow Rate: Nominal 190 LPM (6.7 CFM)

●Recommended Application: Powder Handling, Sawing, Grinding, Powder Coating, Cutting, Drilling, Sweeping, Infection Control, Mixing, General Maintenance, Cleaning.