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FW Standard Headband Earmuff

Product Code: EM-5001A

Member price: ¥114.26

Market price:114.26

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  • ¥114.26
品牌: F&W

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  • Folding headbadn  ear cups for extended comfort

  • Stainless steel wire for easy personalized fit adjustment.

  • Unique shell design guarantee offer high noise Reduction rating.

  • Generous space inside cup to help the ears breathe thus improving comfort.

  • Professional earmuffs for durability  reliability.

  • Available in several versions including : Headband, foldable, neckband  helmet mounted versions, all versions are available in high visibility colours

  • Suitable for Loud Machinery, Lawn movers ,Engines ,Industrial Machines, Power tools ,loud music ,Noise places