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DuraMaxx Full View High-efficiency Coating Impact Eyewear

Product Code: 1017750

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  • ¥118
品牌: honeywell

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● Full view modern design insure perfect fit,  provide Maximum facial  visual comfort.

● DuraStream coating technology provides super anti-frog coating  more efficient ventilated high efficient anti-frog function.

● Adjustable headband design.

● Replaceable lenses, only takes 3 seconds

● Silicone soft material for facial comfort, softer contact, no pressure, smoother. 

● DuraStream coating technology cover super anti-scratch coating could prolong the lifespan 3 times.

● Real efficient OTG impact eyewear, can be worn with myopia glasses.

● Block dust  chemical drops efficiently.

● Can block 99% of ultraviolet light.

● Meets American ANSI standard, Europe EN standard  China GB standard.